Friday, 6 July 2012

Freight Transport Association Briefing

Three Policies
1)      Drivers Hours
2)      Standards of Training for Drivers CPC
3)      Changes in the Operators rules for Northern Ireland

  1. Drivers Hours – discussions around breaks, short duration mode changes. On analysis of early digital tachographs, minor infringements appeared because of rounding up.  When is too much, not enough?? – a break at the end of a working period where there isn’t the minimum rest period left within the 24 hour period is an Absolute Infringement – even going on a long holiday will not cancel this infringement. Recent legislation is in process of changing as to how tachographs work – original digital tachograph rounded up – this will change with new EEC Directive implemented by Tachograph manufacturers.
  2. Standards of Training for Drivers CPC – Owners/operators are concerned that drivers have to attend but do not have to interact and some trainers are not providing quality service.  Also concerns JOUPT are not enforcing standards of training adequately.
  3. Changes in Operators Rules for NI – Traffic regulation unit is set up in Bedford Street and comes into operation from 1st July.  The 1967 Traffic Act is being repealed and a new 2010 act will come into force.  All persons with a fleet will now have to have a restricted operators licence (minimum) even for own account work.

For existing businesses, between July & September 2012, they can apply for a permit which will allow an easier transition to obtain a restricted operators licence.  Failure to apply for a permit before 30th September means that a full operators application will have to be submitted
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