Friday, 15 November 2013

HGV and PSV Industry News: Transport Manager Acquired Rights, Driver CPC exemptions, OCRS

Transport Manager Acquired Rights – Deadline to apply is 20 November 2013

Transport Managers who hold a Grandfather Rights – or GFR – certificate have until 20 November 2013 to apply for their new Acquired Rights certificate. Transport Managers who have passed a Certificate of Professional Competence – CPC - exam do not need to apply for Acquired Rights.

Clarification of Driver CPC exemptions take effect

Regulations came into effect Wednesday 13 November which clarify the exemptions from the requirement to hold Driver CPC for those who occasionally drive lorries, buses or coaches as part of their work but never carry passengers or goods for hire or reward.

These exemptions apply to around 76,000 people - mainly mechanics, valets and fitters. The driving they do is exempt from Driver CPC as long as all of the following apply:

• no goods or passengers are being carried
• the vehicle isn't being used for hire or reward
• driving lorries or buses isn't the driver's main job
• the vehicle is being used within a 50 kilometre radius of the driver's base.

There's also an exemption for drivers of vehicles driving to or from a pre-arranged appointment at a VOSA test centre or Authorised Testing Facility (ATF).

With these regulations now in force VOSA will not pursue or issue fines or penalties to these drivers for Driver CPC infringements.

Do you know your OCRS?

VOSA uses the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) system to help us work more efficiently and effectively. We gather information from the vehicles we test and at roadside encounters to rate an operator's risk of working outside the rules.

Operators can access their score online. The information you can get about your OCRS will help you to see where you can make improvements to your score and reduce your risk of getting stopped at the roadside.

Signing up to access your risk score and manage your commercial vehicle compliance is easy.

As well as accessing your risk score, you can also:
monitor the annual test pass rates of your vehicles identify causes of vehicle test failuressee information on roadside encounters, for example when one of your vehicles is stopped by a VOSA enforcement officer.

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