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Rise in cycling fines welcomed by motoring groups


Rise in cycling fines welcomed by motoring groups

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If you thought that drivers were the only ones being targeted by increased fines and penalties then think again: as a new report by The Herald in Scotland reveals there has been a surge in the number of cyclists stopped for committing road offences.

According to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, there were 193 fixed penalty notices issued to cyclists in the Lothian and Borders area in 2012/13: that’s a leap from just 99 two years earlier and 119 in 2011/2012. Separate statistics for the rest of Scotland suggest that reported cycling offences have leapt from 298 in 2010/11 to 369 in 2012/13.

The fines are being issued for a number of offences: ranging from riding on the pavement to cutting through red lights.

The surge in prosecutions has been welcomed by motoring groups, including the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Neil Grieg, the IAM’s director of policy, is quoted as saying that “cyclists must exercise responsibility if they want to be taken seriously as a mainstream form of transport.” He highlights that motorists often feel as though cyclists get in the way with bad behaviour.

Similarly Edmund King, the president of the AA, is quoted as saying that the increase in cycling would naturally lead to more offences: and that al road users have a responsibility to meet the highway code.

According to Cycling Scotland, enforcement is key in making roads safer, along with improving infrastructure for both pedestrians and cyclists and increasing education.

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