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Caught using his PHONE at the wheel doing 60mph on the motorway . . .


Caught using his PHONE at the wheel doing 60mph on the motorway . . .

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Driver of packed National Express coach doing 60mph on the motorway caught using his PHONE at the wheel - but firm can't work out who he is . . . ! 
  • Worried passenger photographed the driver checking his mobile 
  • Driver of the 50-seater coach takes his eyes off the road while on M5 
  • Coach appears to be travelling just feet from the vehicles in front 
  • National Express launch investigation to identified the driver 
  • Firm are unable to confirm if the driver is still employed by them 
A coach company has launched an investigation after one of its drivers was pictured appearing to use his mobile phone at 60mph on a motorway. An alarmed passenger caught the driver in the act at the wheel of a National Express service on the M5 - as the 50-seater coach travels just feet from the vehicles in front. But despite being aware of the image, the company has not yet been able to find out who the driver is.

Danger: The driver of the National Express coach appears to take his eyes of the road as he checks his mobile phone in this photo taken by a worried passenger

The traveller took a photograph of the driver in his rear-view mirror which shows him with his eyes off the road looking down at the handset in his left hand. 'I was amazed at what he was doing, said the 36-year-old passenger, who asked not to be named.

'The motorway was busy and the coach was fully packed and doing around 60mph in the inside lane. 'He was putting other people’s lives at risk, both on the coach and other drivers.'

He added: 'I wouldn’t have expected that kind of behaviour from someone who was a professional driver.

Worrying: The driver is just a few feet from the back of the car in front as he seems to check his phone while heading along the M5 near Taunton, Somerset.

Route: The national express coach service was travelling from Bristol to Plymouth, Devon. (Stock picture)

'It was even more surprising because there was a CCTV camera installed in the coach covering the driver’s area.

'I would have thought the presence of that would have dissuaded him.' The incident happened as the coach was in the vicinity of Taunton, Somerset, on its way from Bristol to Plymouth, Devon, some time in September. It is understood National Express have not yet been able to identify the driver because there is insufficient information in the photograph to pinpoint records confirming who was behind the wheel. Despite knowing the start point and destination of the coach, National Express has been unable to confirm if the driver is still working for them. But a spokesperson said: 'Safety is our number one priority and we are in the process of investigating this matter'.

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