Tuesday, 29 April 2014




A lack of competition between bus operators in many local markets has prompted the Competition Commission to recommend to the government a series of remedies to help open up the market for commercial bus services.

This consultation seeks views on the government’s preferred approach to implementing:

  • an extra 14-day pre-notification period during which local transport authorities may review and discuss a registration application with the operator 
  • a minimum standard notice period of 90 (as opposed to the current 56) days following acceptance of a change to an existing service registration 
  • a restriction on making changes to any registration application during any notice period except by making a short-notice application and alignment of the reasons for any short-notice application to those used in Scotland 
  • a requirement that operators specify the frequency of services currently registered as ‘frequent’ (those with six or more services per hour) with a default band, so only frequencies in excess of this need to be detailed 
The consultation also seeks views on making bus registration digital by default and how to make the Electronic Bus Service Registration (EBSR) system more easily accessible to small and medium operators. 

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