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Thurlby crash road to get pedestrian crossing . . .


Thurlby crash road to get pedestrian crossing

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The speed limit in the area has been cut to 40mph

A pedestrian crossing is to be installed in a Lincolnshire village where two girls were seriously injured in a crash.

The 11-year-olds were hit by a minibus on the A15 in Thurlby, near Bourne, in January, suffering fractures and head injuries.

Plans to reduce the area's speed limit, which were already in place at the time of the crash, have now been enforced.

The installation of the crossing is expected take about a year.

It follows a campaign by local residents, but they have since criticised the amount of time it will take Lincolnshire County Council to carry out the work.

Jon Waldock, who lives in the village, said: "I know there are an awful lot of people that will come out and quite happily put traffic lights in themselves, if they were allowed to.

"So an explanation as to why it takes 12 months would be welcome."

County councillor Richard Davies said it took time to get such projects approved, and that consultations had to be carried out.

"I share a lot of people's frustrations that these things seem to take so long, even after the decision has been made," he said.

"But the regulations are stipulated by government and it does take time."

The speed limit in the area has been cut from 60mph to 40mph.

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