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Transport Secretary to axe pointless traffic signs that clutter the roads . . .


Transport Secretary to axe pointless traffic signs that clutter the roads 

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  • it's revealed they've more than doubled in number in 20 years to 4.5million
  • Patrick McLoughlin has called for an end to 'pointless' road signs
  • There is now one sign on the road for every seven cars
  • Mr McLoughlin said councils can cut down on constant alerts to drivers
  • A recent revealed that many drivers have no idea what some signs mean
'Pointless': Many signs on 
the roads duplicate 
information or serve 
no obvious purpose

Fed up of road signs warning of obvious speed bumps and lane closures, or just informing you that the sign isn’t in use?

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has called for an end to ‘pointless’ signs – saying they confuse drivers and make the roads more dangerous.

Regulations are set to be tightened up, as it is revealed the number of signs cluttering Britain’s roads has more than doubled in 20 years to 4.5million.

This is around one sign for every seven cars on the roads.

Patrick McLoughlin said councils could clamp down on the constant alerts to motorists about loading restrictions, clearways, humps and speed limits, which are distracting and state the obvious. 

‘Over the past two decades we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of unnecessary signs blotting the landscapes of our towns and cities’, he said.

‘Many of the signs that go up are simply not needed and it has got to stop. As well as spoiling otherwise beautiful areas of the country, pointless signs just confuse drivers and make the roads less safe.’ 

A survey last year by an insurance company found one in three drivers admitted having a crash or a near miss because of baffling road signs.

The Department for Transport admitted at the time that Britain has around 9,000 signs which are redundant or misleading and need to be revised.

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