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Website Shames Drivers Who Text While Driving . . .


Website Shames Drivers Who Text While Driving

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Texting while driving is a big no-no and we’re sure that despite most of us agreeing with that statement, there are still plenty of us who are guilty of doing so. There have been many initiatives in the past attempting to stop texting while driving, but a new initiative hopes to put an end to that nasty habit by shaming drivers into stopping.

This is according to a website called TWITspotting which basically posts photos taken by others of people who are texting behind the wheel. Based on the angles that most of the photos are taken, it would appear that the people taking the photos appear on the bus, so we guess for the most part the photographer isn’t being a hypocrite.

According to the website’s creator, Brian Singer, the goal of the website is (which is an acronym for Texting While In Traffic), “My hope is that it will freak some people out and make them think twice before picking up the phone while driving. My greater hope is that it inspires others to start taking photos, too. If enough people started doing this, it could have a dramatic affect on people’s behavior.”

Not only does the website publicly shame these drivers, but it seems that Singer has taken it upon himself and used his own money to print out giant billboards of some of these drivers in action. Granted some might consider this an invasion of privacy, but according to Singer, he claims that drivers on the road shouldn’t expect privacy.

What do you guys think? Is this a good idea? It definitely sounds like it could be ripe for a lawsuit, or lawsuits, but do you think that shaming drivers could put a stop to texting while driving?

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