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Biker caught after he lied to police about speeding . . .


Biker caught after he lied to police about speeding

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Biker caught after he lied to police about speeding and they watched footage taken from his own helmet camera of him doing WHEELIES and driving in bus lanes

  • Lewis Shallcross, 20, filmed himself roaring through Plymouth, Devon
  • Footage shows him pulling stunts, driving over a footbridge and in bus lanes
  • Police eventually pulled Shallcross over and found the helmet-cam video
  • He argued with officers - and said he thought the speed limit was 100mph

Footage was later used as evidence against him at Plymouth Crown Court Shallcross admitted dangerous driving and has now been banned

A reckless biker has been banned from the roads after filming himself speeding, jumping red lights and pulling wheelies on his high-powered bike.

Lewis Shallcross, 20, used his helmet-mounted camera to take footage of himself - and was later spotted by officers roaring through quiet streets at 60mph after dark with no headlights.

Shallcross - who told police officers he thought the speed limit was 100mph - had his camera seized, and evidence of him roaring through Plymouth, Devon was used as evidence against him in court.

Wheelie bad idea: Video footage shows Shawcross pulling stunts as he drives through Plymouth, Devon

Banned: Lewis Shallcross, 20, was barred from driving after jurors saw the footage

Incriminating: The footage showed Shallcross driving his motorbike over a foot-bridge

Speed limit: Plymouth Crown Court heard that Shallcross said he thought he was allowed to drive at 100mph

Jurors at Plymouth Crown Court saw Shallcross. speeding through a park, driving through bus lanes and almost hitting a dog. He admitted charges of dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention.

Prosecutor Alistair Verheijen told the court Shallcross was tailed by an unmarked police car just before midnight on August 3 last year.

The officers estimated he was riding at around 60mph in a 30mph zone and had no headlight on his KTM 125cc motocross bike.

When asked what he thought the speed limit was, Shallcross replied '100mph'. Officers then noticed his helmet camera, and found six minutes of footage showing his exploits.

Caught with his own helmet-cam! Biker banned from the road

On the path: The helmet-camera filmed him roaring through a park in the town

Bus-ted: The self-shot footage showed him driving in a lane reserved for buses

Stunt: In the footage Shallcross is seen pulling several wheelies on residential roads

Pulled over: Shallcross's camera even caught the moment that he was stopped by police

He also filmed himself ignoring red lights and 'road closed' signs, overtaking dangerously on corners and pedestrian crossings and speeding across a park and a pedestrian footbridge.

The court heard that he was stopped a second time by one of the same officers on December 3, who saw him pulling several wheelies.

Police seized the bike and he was summonsed to court for dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention.

Ali Rafati, defending, said Shallcross had borrowed £3,500 from his mum to pay for the motorbike and then spent a further £4,000 on it.

Overtake: The video shows Shallcross speeding up to pull past a car on this busy road

'Road closed': This sign doesn't stop Shallcross carrying on

He called Shallcross a 'hard-working young man' who had paid a large contribution towards his legal fees and was working 32 hours a week for a roofing company.

He admitted that Shallcross 'clearly has got a lot of growing up to do', but asked the court to let him keep his bike.

However, Judge Darlow said Shallcross had ridden 'unilluminated, at high speed and for a prolonged time over a city mile' before 'giving the officers gyp when you were pulled over'.

He ordered Shallcross to complete 250 hours of unpaid work and disqualified him from driving for 18 months after which he will need to pass an extended re-test.

Judge Darlow also told Shallcross to forfeit both the motorbike and the helmet camera and ordered him to pay a £60 victim surcharge.

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