Friday, 2 May 2014

Courier sacked over ‘irresponsible’ video of ambulance chase to avoid traffic . . .


Courier sacked over ‘irresponsible’ video of ambulance chase to avoid traffic

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Warning: Some people may find the language used offensive . . .

A delivery driver has lost his job after posting a video online of him chasing an ambulance to avoid traffic.

Danny Jones, 22, filmed himself driving behind the ambulance with flashing lights and bragging it was ‘the quickest way to work’.

In the 40-second clip, he can be seen laughing about the stunt, saying: ‘Everybody is beeping at me and I don’t care.’

He later adds: ‘And the Jones strikes again.’

Mr Jones later removed the video from Facebook after it was branded ‘irresponsible’ by road safety campaigners and he was sacked from his job at a courier firm.

‘I can see why (it caused offence) and that’s why I’ve removed the video. I don’t want people to be angry and upset about it,’ he told the Wigan Evening Post.

‘I wasn’t expecting this, it was something that was between a few mates, or it was meant to be.

‘I’ve posted other videos that have gone viral and obviously people have gone back on my profile and got to this video.’

The video was shot on the A49 near Warrington, Cheshire.

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