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Progress on Northumberland A1 dualling document . . .


Progress on Northumberland A1 dualling document

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The Department for Transport has released a document outlining the study which will detail proposals for the dualling of the A1 north of Newcastle.

The scope document explains that the first part of the feasibility study, looking at the range of proposals, should be completed by the end of July with the second part, on issues such as affordability and value for money, due to be finished by the autumn.

It states that ‘the study will include consideration of the proposals to dual the A1 between Morpeth and Felton and proposals to dual the A1 between Adderstone and Belford’.

However, it also adds that it will ‘not rule out consideration of other investment proposals’ and that it ‘needs to recognise the advice provided within national planning guidance in relation to development proposed within nationally designated areas. The guidance makes clear that great weight should be given to conserving landscape and scenic beauty in nationally designated areas’.

Questions to be answered by the study include ‘is there an economic case for dualling the remaining sections of the route?’, ‘are there now economic cases for potential road investments on the A1 north of Newcastle that are deliverable and demonstrate value for money?’ and ‘what are the potential timescales for the delivery of identified potential solutions?’

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Berwick and director of the Dual the A1 campaign, said: “I am pleased that this review will finally get underway. Many businesses, residents and campaigners have submitted their views in the early stages and I am grateful for their support on what is a vital safety and economic issue. I am confident that the Department for Transport (DfT) is listening and taking note of our calls, but we must keep going.

“I have met officials at the DfT and Highways Agency frequently as part of this long-running campaign and I will keep on making the case for A1 dualling. I would also encourage others who may feel strongly about this issue to join the campaign.”

You can read the scope document on the DfT website.

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