Friday, 2 May 2014

There’s something not quite right with this roundabout . . .


There’s something not quite right with this roundabout

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The paint job has now been fixed (Picture: Alex Pedaller/Demotix/Corbis)

There’s only one street in the UK where road-users are required to drive on the right, and it isn’t this one.

Drivers and cyclists were left scratching their heads after discovering this freshly-painted roundabout in Haringey, north London, with arrows pointing in the wrong direction.

The mistake has already been corrected, at the expense of contractor Ringway Jacobs, the council said.

The roundabout before it was repainted, with arrows pointing in the right direction (Picture: Google Maps)

‘While this roundabout mistake is somewhat embarrassing, at least it’s a temporary one,’ the London Cycling Campaign told the Evening Standard.

‘What’s most frustrating for the large number of people who ride bicycles in Haringey is that so many local streets and main roads are not safe or inviting for cycling.’

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