Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cornish Residents are Terrified That Their Cars Have Been Possessed . . .


Cornish Residents are Terrified That Their Cars Have Been Possessed

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Residents of the Cornish village Summercourt are terrified that their cars have been possessed by a malevolent force. Why? Because they keep locking and unlocking themselves for no apparent reason.

Reports include a car that kept locking and unlocking itself during the school run, and even one that wouldn't start. Residents have tried changing the batteries in the key-fobs, but to no avail. These weird occurrences have now caused the bewildered residents to name the area 'The Summercourt Triangle'. You know, like Bermuda.

There is, however, a more likely explanation. Mike Farris, a consultant from car technology firm SBD, told MailOnline that the problem is most likely down to accidental radio interference that could be caused by "anything wireless". Phew, that's a relief.

That is a fairly logical explanation (everything is wireless these days), so it's probably just a local tech-head who managed to locate the right frequency and decided to have some fun. It's still a pain, but at least we know there are no malevolent spirits at work.

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