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Seven hard hitting road safety adverts . . .


Seven hard hitting road safety adverts

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Warning: upsetting scenes

Equating drink driving and shooting your friends with a shotgun is powerful 

Increasingly violent and shocking films and TV dramas have lead governments to push the boundaries in showing upsetting scenes and emotive imagery to force people to think about issues such as drink driving, speeding and tiredness at the wheel.

Including the most recent advert to hit the headlines this week from Northern Ireland, here are seven of the most brutal and affecting government road safety pieces in recent years.

1. ‘It doesn’t matter how, killing your friends is killing your friends’

This Mexican anti-drink driving advert uses gangland violence to show how drink driving leads can lead to similar consequences.

2. ‘The faster the speed, the bigger the mess’

The Republic of Ireland produced this public service announcement which is one of the most graphic in this list showing in unflinching detail a young couple being demolished by an out of control car.

3. ‘It takes less than you might think to become a drink driver’

This anti-drink driving piece by the UK government’s road safety campaign, Think, works around the theme of a pub romance theme before simulating the results of a crash in the bar itself.

4. ‘It’s 30 for a reason’

Infamous for its use of a dead young girl- this short ‘Think’ video disturbingly explains the life and death difference between being hit by a car at 30 or 40mph.

It does not shirk from any gory detail including the breaking of bones and crunching of joints.

5. ‘What impact could a drink have on your night out?’

Using the scary prank formula this ‘Think’ ad then hits with a more serious message in an attempt to scare would-be drink drivers.

6. ‘So, what’s it going to be’

This bartender monologue, once again by Think, portrays all potential negative consequences of being caught drink driving including losing your job, a criminal record and relationship issues.

7. ‘Shame on you’

Northern Irish authorities pulled no punches by allowing us to gain an emotional bond with a class of primary schoolchildren before killing then in one fail swoop pushing the blame squarely on the ‘guilty’ viewer.

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