Sunday, 29 June 2014

You plank! White van driver stopped by police for driving with her windscreen almost completely obscured by PLANKS . . .


You plank! White van driver stopped by police for driving with her windscreen almost completely obscured by PLANKS 

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  • Police stopped Vauxhall Combo in Aston, Birmingham this morning
  • Plastic planks covered so much windscreen it was impossible to see outside
  • The van was seized once officers realised it had no insurance
  • Driver - a 30-year-old woman from Birmingham - now faces court
A white van driver was pulled over by police today for driving through rush-hour traffic with her windscreen completely covered by planks.

The driver had her Vauxhall Combo seized by officers in, who then posted a picture online as a warning to other drivers.

An image from inside the van shows how the driver - a 30-year-old woman - would have been able to see practically nothing from behind the wheel.

Pulled over: Police stopped the driver of this van, who had obscured her windscreen almost entirely with plastic planks while out and about in Aston, Birmingham

She was stopped just after 8am today while driving through Aston, Birmingham.

Police also found out that the van was uninsured, and the driver was given a court summons for driving without insurance.

After pulling over the car, officers tweeted: 'Not to all vehicle owners. Do NOT drive your motor when the windscreen is covered in plastic fascias!'

Not much of a view: Officers posted this picture online, showing how it is practically impossible to see out of the van. The driver was also uninsured and must now appear in court

Passers-by spoke of the incredulity they felt on seeing the vehicle stopped by officers.

Adrian Loveday, 34, said: 'I was driving through Aston when I saw this chap get pulled over. At first I thought it was a joke, he [sic] couldn’t see a thing out of his windscreen.

'The officers were looking at the van in disbelief - it takes stupidity to a whole new level.'

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