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A close shave for deodorant lorry stuck under bridge . . .


A close shave for deodorant lorry stuck under bridge

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The lorry stuck under Wootton Bassett Road bridge yesterday.

A LYNX deodorant lorry was the latest to become wedged under the infamous Wootton Bassett Road bridge yesterday, causing traffic delays of almost an hour.

The HGV crashed into Running Horse Bridge at 2.15pm and tilted to the side, pulled down by the weight of its crushed cargo.

The road was closed as a specialist recovery team attempted to let down the lorry’s tyres and remove it from under the bridge.

The accident caused traffic chaos with drivers stuck in queues on both side of the road for up 45 minutes.

Tailbacks went as far back as Bath Road as the approach to the bridge from Old Town and Great Western Way was gridlocked.

A police car was sent to the scene and a transport officer posted at the junction to redirect traffic towards Redposts Drive.

A police spokesman confirmed no one had been injured in the incident.
“There were no injuries and the driver is completely fine,” he said. “We were called to the scene at 2.18pm and we had a police car there and British Transport Police were helping as well.

“We tried to let down the tyres of the lorry to help remove it from under the bridge.”

Officers at the scene said it was in a stable position.
He added: “It was a case of the lorry being one height and the bridge being another. We would ask drivers to check the height in advance.”

Officers expected the road to be closed for up to four hours as they awaited a specialist recovery team which deals with heavy duty vehicles.

Coun Fay Howard, who was driving along Wootton Bassett Road at around 2.15pm, was one of the first near the scene following the incident.

“I was driving past and I saw the lorry stuck under the bridge.

“I would like to say I was surprised but it’s happened quite a bit recently.

“I was delayed for about five minutes. It must have happened a few minutes before I got there. At least no one was injured.”

Another driver said he had been stuck in traffic for around 45 minutes yesterday afternoon.

The road was set to re-open between 6pm and 7pm.

The bridge is a notorious lorry crash spot. Its black and yellow warning beam bears the marks of many previous accidents.

In October last year a Kipling truck’s arched roof was ripped off after a driver confused by his sat nav’s misleading directions crashed into the bridge.

In January 2013, a 32-tonne truck also got stuck under it. The driver miscalculated the height of the HGV but claimed the warning sign on the approach failed to work.

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