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Drink less, think more, says police chief as summer safety campaign launched . . .


Drink less, think more, says police chief as summer safety campaign launched

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RESIDENTS and visitors to North Yorkshire have been advised to do "Less Drinking, More Thinking" this summer.

That is the message from North Yorkshire Police's annual summer safety campaign which launches today and runs until the end of August.

The campaign highlights issues around drinking, including drink driving, and highlighted the significant part alcohol can play in domestic abuse and water safety.

Chief Constable Dave Jones said thinking ahead could help the public stay safe this summer, but people should not be afraid to contact police with their concerns particularly over drink driving or domestic abuse.

Mr Jones said: "With the warmer weather, we know that more people will about and about enjoying themselves and I am sure that some of them will having a drink. If you are one of these people, I am asking you to think about how much you are drinking so that you stay safe this summer.

"I am also asking that you take a few simple steps to avoid spoiling your summer. These include making sure you plan nights out before hand so that you can get home safely, don’t take risks near open water and making sure that you remember home security to keep burglars out. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, I urge you to come forward. We have specially trained officers who can support you, as well as working with partners who offer advice and guidance."

Mr Jones also said forward planning could prevent drunk or vulnerable residents putting themselves in danger.

He said: "Before going on a night out people are asked to think about how they will get home safely.

"The best option is booking a taxi with a reputable firm. However, anyone who chooses to walk home, shouldn’t do so alone. Alcohol can impair judgement and make people unaware of the dangers around them. So they should plan their route home. Use a well lit route, stick to it and avoid parks or dark short cuts."

Following four deaths in York's rivers since January, water safety is another large focus of the campaign.

Mr Jones said: "Think twice about drinking alcohol near to open water as consuming too much seriously impairs your ability and judgment.

"People who are intoxicated may be unaware of the dangers around them, such as slippery river banks, and if they get into difficulties may not be able to take action to save themselves. If there are warning signs near the water, take note of the information, it’s there for a reason."

If you are concerned about domestic abuse, contact the Independent Domestic Abuse Service on 03000 110110, or the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000247.

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