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Driver CPC

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Guidance, reports, consultations and news about the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for lorry, bus and coach drivers.

You must have Driver CPC if you’re a professional lorry, bus or coach driver.

This collection brings together detailed guidance, reports, statistics and other publications about Driver CPC.

Drivers and employers
Detailed guidance in addition to the quick guide for drivers and employers.

13 November 2013
Detailed guide

17 October 2012

Training providers
Detailed guidance for training providers on how to run Driver CPC periodic training courses and how to record training.

9 July 2013
Detailed guide

11 April 2011

1 May 2014
Detailed guide

Statistics about the Driver CPC initial qualification, periodic training and training centres and courses.

10 June 2014

Quality assurance and compliance
Findings from from audits carried out on Driver CPC periodic training centres and courses.

3 July 2014
Research and analysis

1 July 2013
Research and analysis

Evaluation of Driver CPC
Research on the impact that Driver CPC has had.

9 April 2013
Research and analysis

Government consultations and calls for evidence about Driver CPC.

26 November 2013
Consultation outcome

8 August 2013
Consultation outcome

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