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Drunk man cheats death after car parks on his head when he went for a snooze outside a liquor store . . .


Drunk man cheats death after car parks on his head when he went for a snooze outside a liquor store

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  • Jarek Sawickio, 25, had nodded off in the street in Myslowice, Poland
  • Moments later a car starts rolling towards him as he lay oblivious
  • Gut-wrenching footage shows the vehicle bump over his head then stop
  • Astonishingly, police confirmed Mr Sawickio suffered only 'minor abrasions'

A Polish drunk sleeping on the street escaped death when a car ran over his head.

Jarek Sawickio, 25, had nodded off outside an off-licence in Myslowice when the car rolled over his head, but left him with only 'minor abrasions'.

He had reportedly lay down to sleep outside the shop at around 5pm after being refused service because he had drunk too much.

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Lucky escape: Jarek Sawickio, 25, was caught on camera sleeping outside an off-licence in Myslowice, southern Poland. A car, left, can be seen rolling backwards towards him, bumping over his head (centre), then coming to rest with him trapped underneath. Miraculously, police confirmed that he was not seriously hurt

So he had no way of noticing when a car starting reversing towards him, looking to park up by the shop.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the car rolling slowly towards Mr Sawicikio, before bumping over his head.

The unfortunate victim's legs can be seen jerking upwards as the force of the impact wakes him. Luckily, the car - an unidentified Opel model - comes to a rest with its wheels back on the ground.

The driver tries to open the door after realising he has hit something before the footage, recorded on June 9 this year, cuts out.

Bizarrely, a witness saunters by as the incident unfolds, seemingly unconcerned by the victim, who remains stuck under the car.

Mr Sawicikio had reportedly been drinking with friends before the incident, and headed to the off-licence to buy more alcohol but was told 'I think you have had quite enough' by a shop attendant.

Police in Poland confirmed his improbable survival, and said that he had only been very slightly hurt.

Spokesman David Szlachetka said: 'The driver didn’t see him lying down and he was very lucky not to have been killed.

'Fortunately for him, he escaped with just light abrasions.'

Mr Sawickio was taken to hospital where he was kept overnight for observation. He later said: 'Perhaps it is my guardian angel telling me to slow down on the hard stuff.'

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