Monday, 28 July 2014

Thousands of road incidents 'preventable'Last updated Wed 9 Jul 2014 . . .


Thousands of road incidents 'preventable'Last updated Wed 9 Jul 2014

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The Highways Agency are urging drivers to check their vehicles before hitting the roads this summer.

New figures show that 16,900 traffic incidents happened in the north west of England last year but, that more than 1,000 of them were preventable.

1,054 incidents were tyre-related breakdowns and 48 were the result of cars running out of fuel.

“It’s vital that people check and maintain their vehicles before setting off. A single preventable breakdown can cause chaos for thousands of people – and congestion costs the economy an estimated £3bn every year.

“Inevitably there will be times where routes become congested, and many people will be driving on unfamiliar roads, so we ask road users to help themselves by planning ahead to avoid peak times, using our journey planning tools and allowing enough time for their journeys.”

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