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Do you think classic vehicles should be exempt from annual test? . . .


Do you think classic vehicles should be exempt from annual test?

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The Department for Transport has set up a website: Classic Vehicles: exemptions from periodic testing, for people to discuss and make suggestions about changes to roadworthiness tests for classic vehicles.

In Great Britain, all vehicles manufactured before 1960 are exempt from regular roadworthiness testing. A new EU directive allows us to continue to exempt vehicles from testing if they:
  • are over 30 years old
  • haven’t had substantial changes made to them

This means that if we wish to continue to exempt classic vehicles from regular testing, we’ll need to update UK law by 2018 to reflect EU law.

How can you get involved?
To help make this change, DfT is looking for information and views from interested people and organisations. They’re looking for a solution that:
  • supports the government’s aim for better regulation that minimises the burdens on vehicle owners and businesses
  • supports our aims for better road safety

Do you think that classic vehicles should be exempt? What criteria should be used?

Join the discussion on the Classic Vehicles web pages – this website will be open to the end of October 2014.

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