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Motorist confronts sneaky police speed checking drivers in unmarked car . . .


Motorist confronts sneaky police speed checking drivers in unmarked car

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Officers were caught out in the Gorbals area of Glasgow even though Scottish police are told that all such check should be done from liveried vehicles

Two sneaky policemen were caught red-handed illegally trying to catch drivers speeding while in an unmarked police car.

The male and female officers had parked up at a junction next to a busy road in Scotland although rules state they should have been highly visible.

They were spotted by pals Jamie Rooney and Chris McCann who pulled out a video camera and recorded their confontation with the embarrassed pair - to the delight of tens of thousands of internet viewers who have seen the clip.

In the hilarious video, Jamie and Chris demand to know what the officers - sat in an every-day black Vauxhall Astra armed with a speed gun - think they are doing.

As the officers clearly squirm, Jamie tells the shame-faced female in the passenger seat: “You’re in an unmarked police car with a speed gun. You’re meant to be highly visible.”

At first she has the cheek to claim they are - by pointing to her hi-vis jacket and saying "We are!"

But Jamie persists: "You're not. You're in an unmarked car and that's not highly visible."

The male police driver knows they do not have a leg to stand on and quickly drives off, with a chuckling Jamie gleefully shouting at the departing car: “And now you’re leaving because you know it’s entrapment.”

Jamie, who posted the video on Facebook, said: “I was raging because earlier I saw them chasing after a silver Audi.

"So when they came back to the same spot I decided to speak to them.

“There is no way they are identifiable as police officers when cars come over the hill towards them – it’s outrageous.”

The video has become an internet hit with one viewer writing: "Sneaky as ever"

A Scottish Government document on Safety Camera use states: “Vans or other substantive vehicles used for safety camera deployment must be clearly identifiable as such.”

The incident took place in Glasgow’s Gorbals area on Wednesday.

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