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Benefits of joining DVLA's fleet scheme . . .


Benefits of joining DVLA's fleet scheme

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DVLA’s fleet scheme has a number of benefits for fleet operators and it’s free to join.

The scheme is for vehicles of all sizes, ages and taxation classes. DVLAallocates a fleet number which is a unique identifier for use with a company’s address. The fleet number is added to all V5Cs of vehicles within that company’s fleet. DVLA maintain the fleet list to make sure name, address and contact details are up to date.

Benefits for fleet operators include:
  • receipt of vehicle documents in bulk including V11 & V85/1 tax reminders and V5C registration certificates
  • bulk taxation at a Post Office
  • access to a dedicated fleet operator support helpdesk
  • quicker resolution of queries as DVLA can identify the vehicles assigned to each fleet number
  • access to the View Vehicle Record (VVR) enquiry service from spring 2015 on GOV.UK

VVR will offer advantages such as having access to data for vehicles within your fleet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and being able to see which vehicles are due to be MOT tested and taxed.

You will be able to opt in or out of having a V5C issued which could reduce the administrative burden, the amount of storage space as you won’t need to store the V5Cs and allow you to request a V5C when required.

For more information on how to join the DVLA Fleet Scheme please contactDVLA via email.

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