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Vehicle Fault Crashes: Tyres Contribute To 40% Of Deaths . . .


Vehicle Fault Crashes: Tyres Contribute To 40% Of Deaths

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Tyre Fault Casualty Figures Revealed

Defective, illegal and under inflated tyres caused 40% of road deaths in the United Kingdom in 2013 where vehicle fault was a factor, according to TyreSafe. The safety organisation's statement is based on new information from the Department for Transport.

This shows that there were 2,855 casualties last year caused by faulty vehicles, with tyres blamed on 968 occasions. 45% of incidents occurred on a-roads – with the south-east being the most prolific region.

TyreSafe Chairman, Stuart Jackson, said: "The latest figures are very worrying and sadly reflect a general attitude of indifference by many drivers toward checking their tyres regularly.

“As the only part of your car in contact with the road, it's vital that your tyres are looked after correctly and inspected regularly to ensure they will work properly in emergency situations.”

Casualty Figures Revealed Days Before Tyre Safety Month

The Department for Transport’s figures precede the October Tyre Safety Month Campaign. This will emphasise the importance of having enough tread to consistently and comprehensively clear rain water. It will be timed to coincide with what is traditionally the wettest month. During the campaign, thousands of garages and tyre retailers will offer complimentary safety checks.

These will ensure that tyres – as required by law – have 1.6mm of tread across their central 75% and around the circumference. The penalty for having a defective tyre is a fine of up to £2,500 and penalty points. (in extreme cases). TyreSafe Chairman Stuart Jackson added: "Driving on safe and legal tyres is important all year round but especially so as we approach the winter months. Without adequate tread depth your tyres will not be able to cope properly on wet roads, and if we have a repeat of last year's record levels of rainfall we could well see even more needless tyre-related injuries which could have been easily avoided."

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