Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Dealing with those who phone and drive . . .


Dealing with those who phone and drive

Using a mobile phone or other handheld device while driving is a serious road safety risk and a criminal offence. 

To help make drivers aware of the dangers and consequences of committing this offence, DVLA now issue a letter to all Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Public Service Vehicle (PSV) drivers who get penalty points put on their driver record for this specific offence. The letter informs the driver of the risks involved if they continue to use hand held devices while driving. 

The letter also advises that as well as the fixed penalty and points, the driver may also have to attend a conduct hearing before a traffic commissioner. The letter warns that if this offence is repeated, the driver will automatically be referred to the traffic commissioner, who may then review that driver’s suitability to continue to hold a vocational licence.

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