Saturday, 6 December 2014

Turning Off Traffic Lights Will Save London £40m . . .


Turning Off Traffic Lights Will Save London £40m

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A report says motorists could save £40m if traffic lights are turned off between midnight and 6am across London.

The Greater London Authority Conservatives have published the report – called Green Light – urging transport bosses to assess road usage and consider where it might be appropriate to turn off traffic lights in the capital between midnight and 6am.

The six hour switch-off across 80% of London’s junctions would cut delays across the city by 2,251 hours and save motorists £40m by 2020 in time and fuel.

Richard Tracey, GLA Conservative transport spokesman who wrote the report said: “Every year Londoners waste over 170 million hours sitting in traffic, costing London’s economy £4bn. 

“Many of these journeys in our city are unavoidable. But rather than hurting motorists with ridiculous charges and taxes, we should look at innovative ways to cut congestion and make traffic flow more smoothly. 

“Turning off traffic lights at night, like they do in parts of Europe and North America, is one measure which would boost the economy and help the environment. 

“A common sense approach in the right places would cut idling and therefore vehicle emissions, motorists would save cash as less fuel is wasted, and journey times would be slashed meaning deliveries are completed quicker and cabbies are able to take on more jobs. Even if lights were turned off for just six hours overnight, accounting for non-suitable junctions, drivers could save £40m over four years in saved time and fuel alone.”

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