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Bridgestone helps Ryder cut callouts by 28% . . .


Bridgestone helps Ryder cut callouts by 28%

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Tyre specialist Bridgestone has reported a 28 per cent drop in tyre-related breakdown callouts for commercial vehicle rental giant Ryder, one year on from the implementation of a strategic partnership aimed at maximising fleet uptime and lowering running costs.

Ryder is Bridgestone’s largest UK commercial fleet customer and the two organisations have been working together for nearly 20 years. The relationship evolved into a strategic partnership in 2013 with the implementation of a joint framework that aims to reduce tyre wastage through closer collaboration and improved working practices.

Strategies include a major focus on tyre husbandry; an increased emphasis on setting correct tyre pressure both to protect the tyre and improve fuel economy; and a detailed review of removed tyres, to avoid premature removal and to ensure that all parties are properly managing the use of tyres throughout their life.

The fleet management programme has been jointly developed by Ryder and Bridgestone. Under the programme Ryder employees receive specialist training from Bridgestone to enable them to take a more hands-on role in the maintenance and management of tyres.

Ryder’s maintenance teams are supported by Bridgestone’s fleet managers who offer specialist advice and consultation.

The programme is backed by a dedicated 24/7 phone line, run and administered by Ryder. If a customer experiences tyre failure, Ryder will manage and monitor the call out and replacement process through Bridgestone’s Truck Point dealer network, which has 355 outlets across the UK.

Over the past year Truck Point has achieved industry-leading response times for customer call outs, Bridgestone claims, typically reaching customers within 76 minutes.

To maximise efficiencies and fleet uptime for customers, Ryder and Bridgestone are committed to a process of continuous improvement. This includes on-site coaching and monthly performance reviews to identify and implement service improvements.

Ryder’s head of maintenance strategy, Philip Martin, said: “We are delighted that this partnership is proving so beneficial for our customers. Ryder is committed to a process of continuous improvement in all areas of the business. We will continue to monitor and measure tyre performance to ensure that we are providing the best, most reliable and cost effective service possible.

“Our ongoing relationship with Bridgestone is helping us to raise industry standards and we look forward to building on this joint collaboration.”

Bridgestone’s fleet manager, Ian Baker, added: “Bridgestone has spent a great deal of time in developing a more consultative, partnership-based relationship with Ryder and this is where we can see the biggest change in commercial tyre support.

“We provide bespoke training modules for Ryder to share our knowledge at the outset and this is then supplemented by regular dialogue and more formal monthly meetings.

“The word ‘partnership’ is overused in the commercial fleet world but with Ryder this is genuinely the case as we have reduced volume, improved tyre longevity and overall productivity.

“We expect this new way of working to underpin our offering in the future, which is a prospect that genuinely excites us.”

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  1. Those must have been a great experience for you. I also have bought some center for Hankook Tyres and they were pretty tough and endurable.


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