Monday, 12 January 2015

WATCH: 2014 and 1964 Don't Drink and Drive adverts . . .


WATCH: 2014 and 1964 Don't Drink and Drive adverts

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The 1964 ad telling people not to drink and drive

It is 50 years since the first anti-drink drive advert was aired on television.

Since then figures show drink drivers have killed more than 25,000 people and seriously injured at least 130,000 in the UK, although the numbers have only been recorded since 1979.

The government says numbers have fallen dramatically since the first drink drive advert - but drunk drivers remain one of the biggest killers on the roads.

The 1964 adverts appeals to women not to let their partners drink or drive and warns of the risk of drinking four to six whiskies.

While a 2014 advert focuses on the shock of seeing the aftermath of a serious crash caused by a drink driver and today road safety charity Brake urges people to stay away from alcohol altogether if they are driving, with its Not A Drop campaign.

Watch both adverts below - and tell us what you think of them.



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