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Where are Britain’s most dangerous motorways?


Where are Britain’s most dangerous motorways?

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Chilling figures have revealed the casualty rates on the UK’s motorways.

Great Britain: 2,262 miles; 8,732 casualties; 3.86 casualties per mile.
South-east England: 407; 2,453; 6.03
London: 37; 210; 5.62
East of England: 166; 891; 5.37
North-west England: 402; 1,548; 3.85
East Midlands: 121; 456; 3.76
West Midlands: 267; 961; 3.59
Yorkshire and the Humber: 252, 853, 3.39
Wales: 88; 290; 3.30
North-east England: 36; 110; 3.05
South-west England: 203; 504; 2.48
Scotland: 284; 456; 1.61

They show that in 2013, there were nearly four casualties (those killed or seriously injured) for every mile of the UK’s 2,262 motorway network.

The South East fares the worst with 6.03 casualties per mile and in London it was just over 5.63.

In contrast, Scotland’s motorways appeared the safest, with a casualty rate of only just over 1.60 per mile. The next-safest motorway stretches were in south-west England where the rate was just over 2.48 per mile.

In total there were 8,732 deaths or serious injuries on Britain’s motorways in 2013, according to figures from the Department for Transport. This was a reduction on the 2012 total of 9,136. product manager Roman Bryl said: ‘In 2013, motorways carried 20% of all British motor traffic , and it is reassuring that they are statistically the safest road type.

‘However, this research shows that blackspots still exist and it’s imperative that drivers should not be complacent, even when driving on familiar routes.’

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