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Ford Europe System Intelligent Enough To Scan Speed Signs . . .


Ford Europe System Intelligent Enough To Scan Speed Signs

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To be able to deliver a system which is able to keep and eye out for speed cops, as well as assisting you drive courteously without breaking the speed limit, Ford Car has combined a couple of driver information and assistance technologies, to monitor the speed limit.

In-order to remain within legal limits, and this is permitted through an adjustment from the amount of fuel sent to the engine, having only launched it on a European model, S-Max, with the very real possibility of it making its way to Asia and also the U.S. sometime down the road, the Intelligent Speed Limiter will be able to read speed-limit signs, in addition, to reduce the vehicle.

Ford has laid declare that they are the first to utilize such warnings to control vehicle speed. However, there are also European models which will offer warning of speed changes. For example, the 2016 Volvo XC90, has been touted to feature a system which is similar to Ford’s.

In fact, Ford figures this might prove to be a crucial part of the self-driving vehicle puzzle, considering how several rides nowadays happen to be able to stopping themselves before striking another, and at the same time steer themselves inside a measure that will keep the vehicle within the confines of a traffic lane.

Ford figures that this type of market demand for this selection will be greater in Europe compared to the U.S., since speed limits are lower, and fines for rushing could end as much as be heftier sometimes around the old country.

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