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Thousands more motorists clamped by Swansea DVLA because of rule change misunderstandings . . .


Thousands more motorists clamped by Swansea DVLA because of rule change misunderstandings

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Thousands more motorists are being clamped by the DVLA following tax disc changes.

TAX Disc changes are seeing the Swansea-based DVLA clamping and towing away the cars of thousands of motorists who had no idea they had done anything wrong.

Motorists numbering in their thousands are facing fines of as much as £800 because they have misunderstood new tax disc rules.

The agency did away with paper vehicle excise duty discs in October.

Up until that point around 5,000 vehicles a month were being clamped for not having a valid tax disc.

But since that date, the figure has surged to more than 8,000.

If the trend continues, The Guardian has reported that more than 100,000 vehicles are likely to be clamped this year compared with 60,000 in 2014.

Vehicle excise duty is automatically cancelled if a car changes ownership – even if there is a valid disc in the window - and this is believed to be what is catching out drivers.

So, even if a tax disc appears in the window or with many months left on it, or the owner has a letter showing the vehicle is taxed until a certain date, both immediately become invalid when the car is sold.

The new owner has to apply to tax the vehicle again.

A spokesman for the DVLA told The Guardian: "We continue to operate a comprehensive package of measures which make vehicle tax easy to pay but hard to avoid. We know that the vast majority of motorists continue to tax their vehicles on time with over 23 million drivers taxing their vehicles since 1 October 2014."

"The changes have been widely publicised and we write to every vehicle keeper to remind them of the new rules before the vehicle tax expires. We also write to every new vehicle keeper when they buy a used vehicle to inform them that they must tax the vehicle before they use it."

In future, he said, recent buyers would also get a letter warning them their car was untaxed.

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