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How careless motorists waste £700MILLION of fuel a year . . .


How careless motorists waste £700MILLION of fuel a year:

  • Using the wrong gear, hitting the air con and avoiding the handbrake
  • Poor driving techniques such as using the wrong gear are to blame
  • Saving is as simple as driving in the correct gear and with inflated tyres
  • Over 65's are the biggest culprits of uneconomical driving while nine in ten 17 to 24-year-olds make conscious effort to be eco-friendly 
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British motorists waste a staggering £700 million a year on fuel bills through careless driving habits such as using the wrong gear and driving with under-inflated tyres, a study has revealed.

Research has shown a massive 636million litres of petrol every year is wasted thanks to non-efficient techniques on the roads such as accelerating unnecessarily and avoiding using the handbrake.

But surprisingly, youngsters are the most efficient - nine out of ten 17-24-year-olds make a conscious effort to be more eco-friendly behind the wheel.

If British motorists used more efficient driving techniques they would spend an estimated £700million a year less on fuel

Our wasteful habits also include leaving the engine running whilst stopped at traffic lights, over-using air conditioning and heating and not pre-planning the most economic route.

Over 65's are the biggest culprits of uneconomical driving as more than half (55 per cent) said they do not try and save fuel when on the road.

And just below half (44 per cent) of those aged between 44 and 64 admitted they aren't fuel conscious.

The study, by fuel company Barclaycard Fuel+, found that our most common bad habit is not using the handbrake when stationary.

Keeping the engine running unnecessarily for long periods of time is our second worst habit, followed by using air con unnecessarily.

The research also showed we're a nation of lazy drivers - half of us would take the car even if we're travelling somewhere just a mile away.


Using the handbrake in traffic jams can help cut fuel consumption

1. Use the handbrake when waiting at traffic lights and in traffic jams, rather than using the clutch and accelerator.

2. Use up-to-date mapping tools to plot the most fuel-effective route for your journey.

3. Refrain from using air conditioning or heating unless you really need it.

4. Ensure that you’re driving in the correct gear.

5. Remove roof racks and roof boxes when they aren't required.

6. Ensure that you've checked your tyres are inflated to the proper pressure.

7. Try to keep the sun roof and windows closed.

8. Use cruise control whenever it’s appropriate to do so.

9. Don’t accelerate up to lights or traffic when you know you’re going to have to brake.

10. Drive along roads with speed bumps smoothly to avoid unnecessary acceleration and declaration.

However, Londoners are the most eco-friendly as they are willing to walk somewhere two miles away before thinking about taking the car.

Those from Scotland and Yorkshire came a close second, and would be willing to walk 1.9 miles rather than drive.

Sarah Sillars, from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: 'If everyone was to maintain eco-driving as part of a driving style over the longer term, fuel savings would be around 10 per cent.

'People could benefit from driving in a more ecological and efficient way and find the experience reduces the wear and tear on their vehicle, making driving a much safer prospect.'

John Bostock, from Barclaycard, said: 'With such a huge amount of money wasted on fuel, we would benefit massively as a nation if we were more mindful when it comes to driving in a more eco-friendly way.

'We keep a close eye on our grocery spending, so shouldn't we do the same here when it's apparent how much we could save just by driving more efficiently?'

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