Thursday, 9 July 2015

Continuing your operator licence . . .


Continuing your operator licence

Planning ahead – it’s something we all like to do well. But sometimes unexpected events, or things we’ve put to one side, take us by surprise.

When it comes to running vehicles, your planner will be full of dates: safety inspections, tax disc renewals, MOTs and countless other entries. Plus, there’s your operator licence continuation fee – which is due every five years.

Continuation fee

Having an operator licence is vital to your business, so you need to keep hold of it. That’s why it’s critical to pay your continuation fee on time.

The fee has got to be paid a month before your licence is due for continuation. So if your licence is due to be continued in August, the fee must be paid on or before 31 July. We always recommend planning ahead and paying early – that way you’ll have your new disc before the licence runs out.

Review date

This is when your operating centre is due for review – not when your continuation fee should be paid. This has caused confusion for some operators so we’ve removed the review date from operator licence documents to make it clear when your licence payment is due.

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