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Drink-driving crackdown nets one in 40 of all motorists stopped . . .


Drink-driving crackdown nets one in 40 of all motorists stopped

ONE in 40 drivers stopped in this summer's annual anti-drink drive campaign are over Scotland's tough new limit.

Police Scotland in two weeks found some 185 motorists flouting the new rules - which, in line with most of the rest of Europe, effectively make it impossible to drive legally after just one pint.

This is an increase compared with the same two week period in 2014, when one driver in every 55 stopped was found to be over the limit

Police carry out two anti-drink driving campaigns ever year, at Christmas and in the summer. Outside these periods, motorists are only breathalysed if they are stopped for bad driving.

The number of people caught breaking the law fell by nearly 20 per cent in the first month the law was in action, from December 5, 2014.

The cabinet secretary for justice, Michael Matheson, said: "When the Summer Drink Drive campaign launched two weeks ago, it had a simple message: don't risk it.

"There can be serious consequences for anyone caught drink driving. Even with the sun shining over Scotland, it's never safe to drink and drive.

"Police breath tests show one in 40 stopped drivers is over the legal limit. That kind of reckless behaviour cannot be tolerated in Scotland - it puts everyone involved in danger.

"The reality is that having even one alcoholic drink before driving makes you three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash. It's definitely not worth that risk."

Chief superintendent Iain Murray, Head of Road Policing at Police Scotland, added: "These statistics are a timely reminder that drinking and driving is not just something that happens at Christmas and targeting those who continue to put themselves and others needlessly at risk in this way is a year-round priority for the police.

"Scotland's new drink driving limit means just one drink may be enough to fail a breath test and every day in Scotland more drivers than ever before are being stopped by Road Policing officers and the risk of being caught has therefore never been higher."

It comes after recent warnings from the rural hospitality trade that the new limit was driving away customers.

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