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Samsung creates "transparent" truck . . .


Samsung creates "transparent" truck

Samsung's prototype "Safety Truck" offers view of the road ahead

Samsung's prototype "Safety Truck" offers view of the road ahead

When driving behind big semi-trailers, people regularly take risks overtaking them because they often have to first move out from behind the truck to see if the road ahead is clear before passing. This is particularly dangerous on single-lane highways because such a maneuver can mean driving into the path of oncoming traffic. Now Samsung Electronics has come up with a way to help reduce this problem by mounting cameras on the front of a truck and large screens on the rear to display to following drivers a clear view of the road ahead.

Like the See-Through System we wrote about in 2013, the prototype video system on "Safety Truck" comprises a front-mounted camera to capture view of the road ahead of the truck. Rather than wirelessly send a live feed to a transparent LCD screen installed in a trailing driver's car, Samsung's solution transmits a continuous view of the road in front of the truck to exterior monitors mounted on the rear.

This view is enabled both day and night, and is said to have the potential to significantly reduce overtaking accidents, as well as providing trailing drivers with information on road hazards ahead well in time for them to react.

After extensive tests of the prototype in Argentina, Samsung says that the test vehicle is no longer operational but believes that the the technology has been proven to work. As such, there are plans to carry out further tests that will have the technology comply with the appropriate road authorities for use on the highways. In this regard, Samsung is working with NGOs and government to see this through.

No announcement has been made as to when – or if – such a system will be made commercially available or at what cost.

The short video below shows the system in use on the highway.

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