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Is this Britain's most dangerous roundabout? . . .


Is this Britain's most dangerous roundabout?

Footage shows dozens of drivers risking head-on collisions by crossing a roundabout on the wrong side of the road and then entering the new road where oncoming traffic would be

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A roundabout has been hailed as the most dangerous in Britain after thirty motorists were caught going around the wrong way - in just 24 hours.

Up to seven dozy drivers an hour were seen cutting the corner on the mini roundabout and driving straight into an oncoming traffic lane.

Horrifyingly one of the 33 vehicles caught in a day was a massive lorry with a trailer - carrying seven tractors.

The shocking footage was recorded in Turners Hill, West Sussex, by local campaigner Simon Pamplin.

His colleague David Pawsey, who founded the Turners Hill Dangerous Driving Action Group, said: "I was really shocked by what I saw.

"I thought we might get a few a week, but to get up to seven an hour is just outrageous.

For me, one incident is too many."

Concerns about the junction first came to light when footage emerged of a lorry overtaking a car by driving the wrong way around it, so a camera was installed.

The footage, recorded on July 3, saw 33 drivers crossing the roundabout on the wrong side of the road and then entering the new road where oncoming traffic would be.

Kevin Delaney, head of road safety at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the UK's leading road safety charity, said: "For some of the vehicles, I really could not work out what the problem was.

"It seemed like it was almost more difficult to go around it the wrong way.

"It could be ignorance or it could be laziness, but the simple fact is each and every one of these drivers is breaking the law.

"The simple solution would be to put a CCTV camera onsite and prosecute everyone who goes around the roundabout the wrong way."

Parents of a nearby school have also urged drivers to be more careful, for fear students could be put at risk.

The footage has been sent to Sussex Police, who said they will be examining the footage and notifying the highway authority.

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