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High-mileage Drivers in the UK are More Likely to Believe that Speed Cameras have Little Influence on Road Safety . . .


High-mileage Drivers in the UK are More Likely to Believe that Speed Cameras have Little Influence on Road Safety

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A new study conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists' (IAM) Drive and Survive Division in the UK has revealed that high-mileage drivers - who are often driving as part of their job and cover over 13,000 miles a year - are more likely to believe than any other type of road user that speed cameras installed on roads have little or no influence on road safety.

Hundreds of high-mileage drivers (covering over 13,000 miles per year), medium-mileage drivers (covering 3,000 – 12,999 miles a year) and low-mileage drivers (covering 2,999 miles and less a year) were asked questions in this study, which was published as a White Paper titled "Speed Cameras – The Views of High Mileage Drivers".

The study revealed that about 28% high-mileage drivers think speed cameras offer no benefits in reducing road casualties. In comparison, only 16% of low-mileage drivers and 20% of medium-mileage drivers were found to think so.

According to IAM, there is a greater tendency among high-mileage drivers to breach the speed limit.

"It is clear that there is a very big task when it comes to making high-mileage driver see the worth of measures to reduce overspeeding. While we know that speeding is not the only cause of accidents and injuries, it is one of the major ones." said Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer.

Sillars suggests that it is responsibility of employers to ensure that their employees understand their role in making the British roads safer.

"The figures we have found show the great extent to which high-mileage and company drivers are involved in incidents. Therefore this educational task needs to happen sooner rather than later." Sillars added.

IAM's Drive & Survive is the commercial division of the institute, whose main job is to provide driver risk management services to companies and fleets.

Some 60% of the high-mileage drivers said that there are "other reasons" for installation of speed cameras on roads, such as generating money for police forces or local authorities. In comparison, only 47% of low-mileage drivers and 39% of medium-mileage drivers were found to think the same.

A survey conducted by IAM's Drive & Survive division three months ago had revealed that 86% of fleets have met with an accident in the past one year. Hundred percent of the fleets in this survey admitted that they have had an accident with one of their drivers at fault.

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