Tuesday, 15 March 2016

DVSA publishes new guidance on fitting vehicle side guards . . .

DVSA publishes new guidance on fitting vehicle side guards

Cited at: https://movingon.blog.gov.uk/dvsa-publishes-new-guidance-on-fitting-vehicle-side-guards/

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has published new guidance on fitting side guards, which are also known as lateral protection devices (LPDs).

Side guards are fitted to reduce the likelihood of injury to ‘unprotected road users’ like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists when struck by a vehicle travelling in a forward direction. They are fitted to deflect and to stop people falling underneath the sides of the vehicle and being caught underneath the wheels.

The new Side Guards (Lateral Protection Device) guidance aims to encourage best practice, by showing examples of good and bad practice while reinforcing the current required standards. The guidance also helps you to identify common errors and advises on simple solutions.

The guidance includes examples of good and bad practice that apply to both:
  • lorries and other vehicles in the N2/3 category
  • heavy trailers and other vehicles in the O3/4 category

Steve Kendall, Heavy Vehicle Testing and Approvals Scheme Manager said:

"This guidance has been produced in response to an industry need. We want to share the best practice that will help builders and presenters get it right and get an IVA pass the first time."

Following the success of the ‘IVA: help to get a pass’ series, this guide continues DVSA’s policy of encouraging vehicle builders and owners to adopt best practice before their Individual vehicle Approval (IVA) examination. DVSA will check to make sure that lateral protection devices do what they are intended to do and that they meet the required standards of section 42 (lateral protection) of the IVA inspection manual.

The ‘IVA: help to get a pass’ guides can also be found on GOV.UK:

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