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Driver handed £100 fine and threatened with points on his licence when a speeding camera flashed his PARKED car by mistake . . .


Driver handed £100 fine and threatened with points on his licence when a speeding camera flashed his PARKED car by mistake

  • Father-of-two parked his car to go and pick up a Chinese takeaway
  • Motorbike shot past and set off speed camera, which pictured parked car
  • Driver was shocked when he was later ordered to pay a £100 fine
  • Authority in charge of fines have now accepted mistake and apologised 

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An innocent driver was hit with a £100 fine for speeding despite his car being parked at the side of the road at the time.

David Copeland, 35, was collecting a Chinese takeaway in Ketley, Shropshire on October 30 when he is supposed to have been speeding.

Despite his car being empty and stationary he was shocked to receive a penalty notice through the post last week informing him he also faced three points on his licence.

The father-of-two contacted the authority which had issued the £100 fine and it emerged bungling workers had failed to realise a passing motorbike had actually triggered the camera.

David Copeland was hit with a speeding fine when a motorbike triggered a speed camera but officials looked at the number plate of his parked car in Ketley, Shropshire

When the camera flashed it had only picked up the number plate of David's silver Vauxhall Zafira, which was parked in a lay-by near to the Ping Hong takeaway.

Mr Copeland, a self-employed electrician, said: 'I had only popped in for a Chinese takeaway.

'The next thing I know I'd committed a motoring offence while I was inside picking up Special Chow Mein and rice.

'I'm not sure there are many people that can say they have been done for speeding while their car was stationary and empty.I was pretty shocked to say the least.

'The other day I was back there when an ambulance on blue lights set it off again - so I'm expecting another fine through the post in a few days.

'I'll be banned from driving at this rate if these mistakes keep happening.'

After Mr Copeland appealed the decision, authorities realised their mistake and overturned the fine

Traffic bosses later accepted staff had issued the ticket to the wrong car and apologised.

Mr Copeland, who lives in Ketley with wife Sarah, 35, son Ben, 10, and Rebecca, 13, added: 'I've not seen the picture, but apparently you can clearly see a motorbike on the road and then my car parked in the lay-by - not moving.

'I live in Ketley and I am always on the road, so I know there is a camera at that spot and I knew something had to be wrong.'

Dave Perridge, operations manager for the Safer Roads Partnership, said: 'On this occasion it was human error but we resolved the problem amicably.

'The parked car's number late appeared brighter in the image than the motorcyclists, but it still should not have happened.

'Our film checker was distraught that she got it wrong but we do thousands of these notices and invariably mistakes can happen.

'Most of the time we are right but we weren't on this occasion and we apologised to the motorist involved and withdrew the notice.'

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