Tuesday, 31 May 2016

London's Boris bikes kitted out with lasers in the name of safety . . .


London's Boris bikes kitted out with lasers in the name of safety

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If there's one universal truth, it's that everything is better with lasers: sharks, dinosaurs, Facebook, and now... Boris bikes. Under a new safety trial, Transport for London has fitted 250 of the capital's pushbikes-for-hire with a laser-projection system that beams the familiar stickman bicycle logo onto the ground ahead of the cyclist. With a six metre lead on the rider, the projection is intended to alert motorists to the close presence of the cyclist, who could be cruising in the driver's blind spot at the time. In early tests, the laser projection was said to improve the nighttime visibility of bikers when compared with the regular LED headlamps currently in use. The tech itself is being provided by UK upstart Blaze, which already sells the Laserlight as a handlebar add-on for any bicycle. Should the 10-or-so week trial be deemed successful, the plan is to retrofit all 11,500 Boris bikes with the dynamo-driven projection system.

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Monday, 30 May 2016

Highway Code: Additional information about motorways . . .


Additional information about motorways 

The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales and is essential reading for everyone. 

Rule 275

If your vehicle develops a problem, leave the motorway at the next exit or pull into a service area. If you cannot do so, you should: 
  • pull on to the hard shoulder and stop as far to the left as possible, with your wheels turned to the left 
  • try to stop near an emergency telephone (situated at approximately one-mile intervals along the hard shoulder) 
  • leave the vehicle by the left-hand door and ensure your passengers do the same. You MUST leave any animals in the vehicle or, in an emergency, keep them under proper control on the verge. Never attempt to place a warning triangle on a motorway 
  • do not put yourself in danger by attempting even simple repairs 
  • ensure that passengers keep away from the carriageway and hard shoulder, and that children are kept under control 
  • walk to an emergency telephone on your side of the carriageway (follow the arrows on the posts at the back of the hard shoulder) – the telephone is free of charge and connects directly to an operator. Use these in preference to a mobile phone (see Rule 283). Always face the traffic when you speak on the phone 
  • give full details to the operator; also inform them if you are a vulnerable motorist such as disabled, older or travelling alone 
  • return and wait near your vehicle (well away from the carriageway and hard shoulder) 
  • if you feel at risk from another person, return to your vehicle by a left-hand door and lock all doors. Leave your vehicle again as soon as you feel this danger has passed. 

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