Thursday, 2 June 2016

No prosecutions for drivers who went wrong way down motorway slip road . . .


No prosecutions for drivers who went wrong way down motorway slip road

Police say they will not prosecute the "dangerous and irresponsible" drivers of 74 vehicles who went the wrong way down a motorway slip road to avoid a traffic jam.

But they have logged the car registration numbers and each motorist will be warned about their actions.

The incident happened on the M60 motorway close to junctions 5 and 6 near Didsbury and Sale in Greater Manchester.

The carriageway was blocked when three people had been injured in a collision, with one of them trapped and needing to be freed by the fire Service.

The motorway was closed as emergency services rescued the victims but a police vehicle and an ambulance were unable to get to the scene because some motorists decided to turn the wrong way on to the slip road at junction 6.

Police say the drivers' actions were "dangerous and irresponsible" and all the registration plates if the cars involved have been recorded.

The drivers will be offered the opportunity to attend a driving awareness course or be summonsed to court.

“There is no good reason to drive the wrong way down a motorway, it is extremely dangerous and no excuse could ever justify these actions. The only time it would ever be ok to do so is if police have made the area safe and they instruct you to do it."


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