Thursday, 14 July 2016

Norway Will Apparently Ban Sales Of Gas-Powered Cars By 2025 . . .


Norway Will Apparently Ban Sales Of Gas-Powered Cars By 2025

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It is probably only a matter of time before electric cars are the new standard. As the emphasis is placed on cutting down the amount of fuel we consumed, turning to hybrid or electric cars makes sense as it could potentially be cheaper as well for customers, but of course there are some who are dead set against the idea.

However it seems that over in Norway, it won’t matter because according to a reportfrom local newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv, it seems that the country’s government has decided that by 2025, they will be banning the sales of gas-powered cars. Note that this doesn’t ban gas-powered cars on the roads, but bans them from being sold.

What this means is that come 2025, the only kind of cars you can buy from Norway are electric cars, or whatever technology we will be using by then. Norway isn’t the first country to make such a huge change. India had previously stated that they are considering making a shift to all-electric by 2030, and a similar idea is also in discussions by the Dutch government, although it has been reported that parliament is divided on it.

As it stands it also makes sense for Norway to announce such an initiative. 24% of the country’s new vehicles are electric-powered, so it seems that many residents are open to the idea of electric cars. Elon Musk has also tweeted his support for their decision.

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