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Driver facilities campaign

The RHA has expressed concern to the Department for Transport about a story in Commercial Motor last week regarding roadside facilities for drivers.

DfT comes across as dismissive of the issue in a letter written to Gillian Kemp, of campaign group Truckers' Toilets UK. The RHA does not doubt the accuracy of the report. However, nor does it reflect the spirit of discussions the RHA is having with the DfT or the progress we anticipate making in this area.

The RHA strongly supports Gillian Kemp in her campaign and we have firms plans to work together towards achieving significant improvements, not least through our engagement with DfT.

Self-employed driver issue on Money Box

Truck drivers and other workers being incorrectly registering as self-employed, was the subject of discussion when Alastair Kendrick, tax director at MHA Macintyre Hudson and tax policy adviser to RHA, was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 Money Box programme recently.

Abnormal loads in Scotland – your views required

The RHA met with Police Scotland recently to discuss the abnormal loads service provision in Scotland.

The meeting centred on the standard of service and charges related to abnormal loads such as the escort service provided by the police.

Following the meeting the RHA was asked to provide feedback. You can view the minutes of the meeting here.

Members wishing to give feedback are asked to read the note attached here and comment via the survey.

SOLAS container weighing deadline looms

From 1 July 2016 shipping containers being exported from the UK are required to have a verified gross mass (VGM) documented by one of two means.

Method 1 is by weighing the packed container using calibrated and certified weighing equipment (e.g. weighbridges, load cell sensing technologies etc).

Method 2 is by weighing all packages and cargo items, including the mass of pallets, dunnage and other securing material to be packed in the container and adding the tare mass of the container to the sum of the single masses, using a certified method approved by the UK competent authority, that is the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) or its authorised body.

If you transport containers for export purposes to port you should discuss the matter with your customers on how they plan to implement these weighing requirements and which method will be used.

From 1 July 2016 containers arriving at port for export without a verified gross mass may be turned away or subject to delay depending on if the port offers a weighing solution. Shipping documents must clearly state the VGM, this may be for instance by a ‘VGM’ stamp with the weight written on it.

Port methods of weighing solutions (where offered) vary from weighbridges to drive over to containers cranes for weighing the container once lifted. Weighing tolerances are explained in the UK FAQ.

Average speed cameras

We are keen to hear members' views on average speed cameras. The RHA view is that they are broadly positive.

Research by the RAC Foundation has revealed that 263 miles of 2,300 miles of motorway and 4,300 miles of A-roads in the UK have average speed cameras monitoring them.

Of the 263 mile total, more than 130 miles of speed cameras have been installed since 2013.

The A9 between Perth and Inverness is the longest stretch of speed camera monitored road while a quarter of a mile over Tower Bridge in London is the shortest. The latest A9 safety figures have been published, available here.
Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation has said that compliance with speed limits on the camera monitored roads is high however concerns still remain about the usefulness of camera monitoring in relation to broader road safety issues.

While supporting the use of average speed cameras for road safety reasons, the RHA has expressed concern at the significant drop in roads police numbers.

- See more at:

Your views sought on fulfilment centres

As reported previously in the International Group bulletin and the Messenger HMRC wishes to combat online VAT fraud by introducing measures affecting UK fulfilment houses, especially those importing goods from outside the European Union.

This topic will be of particular interest to members who have, or who work with partners making use of Inward Processing Relief. It may also interest those providing pick and pack services for imported goods.
If your business is affected by this issue and you want to respond, you can find the consultation on the Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme here.

You can send comments directly to or alternatively please contact RHA head of international affairs Peter Cullum at with comments. The consultation closes on 30 June.

Regular ADR inspections by Cheshire police

Members are advised that Cheshire police regularly carry out targeted inspections of ADR vehicles to ensure the hazardous load is being transported in compliance with ADR requirements.

The police have reported that the most common reasons for compliance failure are linked to faulty or out-of-date on-board fire extinguishers.

Cheshire police say that they find that sometimes extinguishers have not been tested or the test record has not been updated. Another problem is that the driver is unable to access a fire extinguisher because the storage box or bracket is positioned so the extinguisher cannot be removed. The extinguisher box lid being inoperative is another common cause of compliance failure.

At a recent meeting Cheshire police asked that the RHA should advise members to be compliant in order to avoid potential roadside prohibitions and unnecessary delays.

In particular members are asked to ensure drivers are equipped to protect themselves, as well as other road users, members of the public, the wider environment, and the vehicle the load.

All operators of hazardous goods vehicles are advised to carry out regular checks to ensure ADR equipment is properly maintained, positioned and easily available to the driver in an emergency situation.
For advice on ADR related issues you can contact

£100,000 fine when truck injures worker with no safety boots

A worker at a Royal Mail warehouse in Rochester was injured when a reach truck passing down an aisle ran over his foot causing broken bones and bruising.

The incident happened in 2014 at a bundling warehouse when the worker, who was not wearing steel toe-capped safety boots, stepped into an aisle just as the reach truck was being driven past.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated, finding that workplace transport at the warehouse had not been organised to ensure pedestrians and vehicles could circulate safely in the confined space available, and that better organisation of the workplace transport would have prevented the incident from happening.

Royal Mail Group Limited was fined £100,000 and ordered to pay costs of £10,406 following a hearing at Medway Magistrates Court for breaching Regulations 17(1) of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, and Regulation 3(1) of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

New ATF approved in May

The only Authorised Testing Facilities (ATF) approved in May 2016 by the DVSA was J D Engineering (Scotland) Ltd in Dumfries – telephone number 01387 750327.

The RHA is pressing the DfT to prioritise implementation of testing by ATFS, one of the key policy changes announced in the Motoring Services Strategy last month.

Call to halve traffic levels in central London by 2020

The New West End Company, which represents retailers in London’s Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street shopping hub is calling for traffic levels in the West End of the capital to be halved by 2020 as a radical means of reducing nitrogen dioxide pollution.

London’s Oxford Street is said to have one of the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution in the world.

New West End Company chief executive Jace Tyrrell said: “Everyone recognises that air quality is one of our top issues, it is consistently bad and it has got to be addressed. Our members employ 150,000 staff in the West End, it’s about them, it’s about their customers and it’s about the reputation of London across the world.”

New Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was indicated that tackling air pollution will be one of his top priorities.

Next generation conference 19 July

Policy-UK is offering a 40% discount to RHA members for their event: Delivering for the UK Freight and Logistics Industry: Next Generation Workforce, Digital Innovation and the Infrastructure Needs for Sustainability on Tuesday 19 July 2016 in Central London.

Louise Ellman MP, Chair, House of Commons Transport Select Committee and Duncan Price, Head of Freight Operator Licensing & Roadworthiness, Department for Transport have agreed to deliver keynote addresses at the event. RHA director of policy Jack Semple will also be a speaker.

More information can be found on their website here and to redeem the 40% discount guaranteeing the price of £150 + VAT (£100 off their standard rate) please use the promotional code: RHAXAO on the link.

Please contact Brendon Marsh at at Policy-UK with any questions.

Bridge lowered in Lambeth, London

Transport for London have informed the RHA that the maximum height for vehicles at the Network Rail bridge located in London on the A205 South Circular Rd at Thurlow Park Road junction with St Faith's Road in the borough of Lambeth has been reduced, as from last month.

The new clearance height is vehicles up to 4.1 metres 13 feet and 6 inches.- See more at:

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